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Auto Repair

Did Your Car Break Down?

These Raritan, NJ auto experts will fix you back up

Don’t get left out in the cold when your car breaks down. Call Raritan Auto Service to patch things back up and get you right back on the road. Our highly trained mechanics serve Raritan, NJ and the surrounding areas. We can run regular maintenance checks, including changing your oil using semi-synthetic or fully synthetic oil. Call 908-722-7662 today to schedule a tuneup.

Don’t wait until your car is too far gone

Regular maintenance is the key to keeping your car healthy. Your car doesn’t have to be smoking to bring it in to Raritan Auto Shop. Bring it by for scheduled maintenance, oil changes or if you see any potential issues with its:

Exhaust manifolds
Front or rear suspension
Air conditioning

We love helping our Raritan, NJ neighbors learn more about their vehicles. Do you have questions? Ask them all! We’ll never do anything to your car without your final approval. Come in today to experience our customer-focused service.